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Brand Audit, Art Direction, Digital Design, Print Design, B2C Campaign Design, B2B Campaign Design

Nav.it offers a tangible service—better budgeting, a savings account, and daily money health checks. Using the best techniques in behavioral science, behavioral economics, and AI-driven technology, Nav.it has created an app and integrated platform designed to help us learn about our finances, organize and manage our money, and find a community that talks about what wealth health means to us.


In the fall of 2019, I was contracted to work closely with CMO and Co-Founder to do a full brand audit, as both she and the CEO felt that the brand was not reaching their desired target audience. As we reached the completion of the rebrand, March of 2020 came abruptly. The pandemic lead Nav.it to rethink what financial health really means. I then joined Nav.it as Art Director, and as a team, we realized that financial wellness and mental health were mutually exclusive. This spearheaded us into changing the entire brand of Nav.it as a whole. As the in-house Art Director, I worked with the CMO and Co-Founder to begin a new rebranding that moved away from the ethos of a fintech company and towards an inclusive wellness brand. From there, I implemented our findings and strategy into a new website, working with the development team to refresh the app interface and language, lead the social and digital marketing team, lead and created both B2C and B2B campaigns, created branded assets such as merchandise and print design, and much more. 



Brand Audit & Branding  Hannah Lynch
Art Direction  Hannah Lynch
Web Design  Hannah Lynch
Digital Design  Hannah Lynch
Print & Merch Design  Hannah Lynch

Copy  Nav.it CMO & Co-founder, Maia Monell
Web & App Development  
Nav.it CTO & Developer, Darren Cox